Les aventures du comte de Malamanteau - Nouvelle-Guinée

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  1. Not Drowning Waving & Laurent — Jingle Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée [Play]
  2. John Warbat — PNG National Anthem [Play]
  3. Aaron Choulai, VADA and the 16-voice Tatana Village Choir — We Don't Dance For No Reason [Play]
  4. Folk is Dead: Riot Squad — Get That Love (Vulcan Rock) [Play]
  5. AKay47 — PNG Girls [Play]
  6. Dunn & Tummy — What You 'bout To Do [Play]
  7. Naka BloodPNG Pom City [Play]
  8. Nadya and Gigas 101 Candles Orkestra — Pudela Caje [Play]
  9. Bata Jakes — Dubstep 1 [Play]