Les aventures du comte de Malamanteau - Hawaï

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  1. TomA — Jingle Hawaï [Play]
  2. WhaS!?atron — I'm riff you [Play]
  3. Folk is Dead: PharaohsHeroin (Demo) [Play]
  4. Troy von Balthazar — Catt [Play]
  5. Stoner Showers — Welcome Home (Makeout Beach) [Play]
  6. Kyle Castro — Won't Stop (Interlude) [Play]
  7. Alika Lyman Group — Summer Me (A. Lyman) (Summer Me (single)) [Play]
  8. Jake Shimabukuro — Orange World (Crosscurrent) [Play]
  9. The Road Rebels — I Ain't Nobody's B#@%*! (Let's Ride) [Play]
  10. Coral StabzNO SURFING / Shut Down (Honolulu's Burning E.P.) [Play]
  11. Devistatix — Psy Teaser (Messing around with Ableton) [Play]
  12. Da Wandyrong Duo — Da Plate Lunch Song (a.k.a Diniguan Stew!) [Play]