Les aventures du comte de Malamanteau - Canada

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  1. TomA — Jingle Canada [Play]
  2. The Barr Brothers — Old mythologies [Play]
  3. Thus:Owls — Museum (Harbours) [Play]
  4. Tanya Tagaq — Force (Auk/Blood) [Play]
  5. Eric Seeley — Walking Away (Eric Seeley Acoustic Songs) [Play]
  6. Wolf ParadeIt's A Curse (Apologies To The Queen Mary) [Play]
  7. Folk is Dead: Quest For Fire — The Greatest Hits By God (Lights From Paradise) [Play]
  8. RushA Passage To Bangkok (2112) [Play]
  9. Ron Davis — Pawpwalk (Shimmering Rhythm) [Play]
  10. Kenlo Craqnuques — Pad Frontal (Brassures de terroir) [Play]
  11. Alaclair Ensemble — ExplosiON (AMERICA) [Play]
  12. Ryan Hemsworth — Gucci Anthem (Kitsch Genius) [Play]