Les aventures du comte de Malamanteau - Nouvelle-Zélande

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  1. TomA — Jingle Nouvelle-Zélande [Play]
  2. Jesse Harper — Midnight Sun (Guitar Absolution In The Shade Of A Midnight Sun) [Play]
  3. Tiki Taane — Tangaroa (Past, Present, Future) [Play]
  4. Scribe — Jeremiah 1 (Rhyme Book) [Play]
  5. Mark de Clive-Lowe — Now or Never feat nia andrews (Live on KCRW) [Play]
  6. Le canard sonore: Tryo / Les Ogres de Barback — Mam'selle Bulle (La Pittoresque Histoire de Pitt'ocha) [Play]
  7. Sonic AltarIn The Night (No Sacrifice) [Play]
  8. KatchafireIs this Familiar (On the road again) [Play]
  9. Folk is Dead: The DatsunsYeah, Yeah, Just Another Mistake (Headstunts) [Play]
  10. The Brunettes — Red Rollerskates (Paper Dolls) [Play]
  11. The Naked and FamousSpank (Passive Me, Aggressive You) [Play]